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Professional Headshots Custom To Your Industry, Goals, and Brand

Make a great first impression with professional studio, office, or outdoor headshots.

Branding and headshot photography services offered for individuals and companies across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Relaxed Sessions | Stunning Results | Custom to You

#1 Rated San Francisco Bay Area Professional Headshot Photographers

Premium-Quality Branding and Portrait Photographers Specializing In:

  • Professional Headshots for individuals and whole companies. Make a great first impression with customers, employers, potential new hires, media, or investors. Group and team headshots can happen at your office, our studio, or outdoors.
  • Custom Brand Photography for entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, creatives, executives, and entire companies. Support your brand with authentic and powerful images.
  • Acting Headshots for aspiring and professional acting and modeling customers. Get more auditions and call backs with a headshot that helps you stand out.
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san francisco bay area professional headshot photographers

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While we have our own unique style, we’re also happy to match custom looks and requests.

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Looking For Headshot Service Pricing?

Find the perfect headshot package for your goals and brand below:

Individual Headshot Sessions

Headshot sessions for individuals and small groups of up to four people. Make a great first impression with your professional headshots.

Team Headshot Sessions

Groups of five or more people. Hourly, half-day, and full day packages available at our studio or at your office location.

Virtual Headshot Services

DIY headshots done with just a smart phone. It’s not as good as our in-person photography, but much better than a selfie. 

Corporate Photography Plans

Flexible corporate plans that allow you to send employees to our studio for exactly matching headshots or portraits.

Learn more about Gift Cards, Corporate Plans, Event Booths, and Branding Services Below:

First Time Getting Professional Headshots?

Learn what to wear, how to pose, and what backdrops to use in one of our quick-start guides. To get started, select your headshot type.

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Business & Corporate

Business headshots typically used on LinkedIn profiles, press releases, websites, advertisements, business cards, and presentations. Ideal for executives, entrepreneurs, startups, or anyone else in a business environment.

Learn more about business headshots.


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General Professional

General professional headshots used on LinkedIn, websites, and speaker presentations. Ideal for any non-business professional like academics, journalists, therapists, physicians, scientists, non-profits, and government officials.

Learn more about professional headshots.


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Artistic Creative

Stylized headshots for websites, social media profiles, press releases, and book covers. In these photos, the worst thing you can be is boring. Ideal for artists, designers, musicians, creative writers, and thought leaders.

Learn more about creative headshots.


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Professional Acting

Aspiring and professional acting professionals need great headshots to get called back for new roles. This type is perfect for theatrical, commercial, voice, or dramatic headshots.

Learn more about acting headshots.


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Real Estate Agents

If you’re a realtor, your headshot is your #1 priority marketing asset. It will be on your website, on your listings, and on your business cards. So, invest in a great realtor headshot for maximum impact.

Learn more about realtor headshots.


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Lawyers & Law Firms

It’s no secret that lawyers and law firms charge a high hourly fee for their services. Since your client’s need to know and trust you, a great headshot can help you establish and keep credibility.

Learn more about lawyer headshots.


Specialty Headshot Photography Types:

Headshot Photography Studio Locations:

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San Francisco Professional Headshot Photography Studio

Our downtown San Francisco studio is a convenient option for Bay Area executives, thought-leaders, and other professionals who need a great headshot.

HeadShots Inc: San Francisco
220 Montgomery Street, Suite 852
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 209 5402

san jose headshot photography studio

San Jose Professional Headshot Photography Studio

Our full San Jose headshot studio is due to launch in Q3 2023! In the meantime, you can book our mobile studio for outdoor or in-office sessions. We bring the gear to you!

HeadShots Inc: San Jose
Office and Outdoor Shoots Only
Studio Launching Q3 2023
(415) 209 5402

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