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San Francisco Headshot Photography Studio

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, HeadShots Inc is a convenient option for Bay Area executives, actors, and other professionals who need a great headshot.

HeadShots Inc: San Francisco
580 California Street, 12th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 343 5961

About Headshots Inc

HeadShot Inc is a San Francisco based portrait photography studio exclusively focused on providing magazine-quality headshots for the Bay Area’s best and brightest corporate executives, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, actors, and even their pets.

Dan St Louis, the Owner and Head Photographer, has been obsessed with the art and science of headshot photography for the past six years. But, when he saw the market for headshot photographers, two big problems stood out:

First, very few good photographers were willing to specialize in headshot photography.

They think it’s boring, They’d rather focus on art/commercial gigs. They weren’t particularly interested in helping people look great online.

So while many photographers will slap a “headshots” section on their website, very few are willing to go “all in” and focus on getting exceptionally good at one service. As a result, their customers get a sub-par or inconsistent experience. 

Second, most photographers (even good ones) aren’t very good service providers.

They obsess about the “craft of photography”, gear, and social-media – but tend to ignore soft-skills like customer service, coaching, and focusing on client goals.

So, many HeadShots Inc customers say that they’d previously booked another photographer – only to have a cringe-y experience with 2nd rate results that didn’t match their vision for the photos or experience.

At HeadShots Inc, we’re a different type of headshot studio.

We specialize in one service, do it exceptionally well, and focus 100% of non-photography time on customer experience.

In just 2 years since the first full-time studio launch, we’ve grown to the largest and best reviewed headshot photography company in the Bay Area, and we’re excited to plan and deliver your next magazine-quality shoot. Two more studios and a franchise program are coming in 2021.

If you have any questions, email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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