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Everything you need to know about what to wear, how to pose, and what backgrounds to use for the best virtual headshots.

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What Are Virtual Headshots?

Virtual headshots are a type of business portrait photo typically used for company websites, internal communications platforms, and LinkedIn profiles.

As opposed to professional headshots done in-person with a photographer, a virtual headshot is done via a smart phone or computer web camera.

By editing the photo to improve lighting, contrast, and the background – a virtual headshot can look as good as a professsional headshot in certain settings.

While we wouldn’t recommend using a virtual headshot for certain placements (print marketing materials, book covers etc), a virtual professional headshot can be a great way to create a good first impression online.

virtual headshot for professional workers
virtual headshot for linkedin profile photos

How Can I Get Virtual Headshots at Home?

At HeadShots Inc, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to take your own DIY virtual headshots via a smart phone. 

After following the guidelines, you can purchase a virtual headshot package on our website, and then upload the photo to our team for editing.

To get a good virtual headshot, make sure to follow the guidelines exactly.

Once submitted, our team will verify that the photo you uploaded meets the guidelines and we’ll start editing.

What Do I Wear for Virtual Headshots?

It depends on your personality, industry and where the photos will be placed!

For more conservative industries like law and finance, we recommend the standard suit-and-tie, or female equivalent.

Otherwise, the best rule-of-thumb is to take a look around LinkedIn to see how peers and people in your industry are dressed. Make sure to pay closer attention to people who are successful vs whomever is in your immediate network.

Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  If you’re still not sure, then ask us! We’re always happy to provide guidance.


diy virtual headshot with background replacement
virtual headshot example of custom office photo

How Do I Pose for Virtual Headshots?

No need to go crazy on your poses for virtual headshots. In our regular in-person sessions, we tend to focus on minimalist poses. 

Your are, after all, showcasing your professionalism — not your posing skills.

At the beginning of your session, you should warm up with simple and straightforward poses. Simply stand there and smile.

Later, you can try to take some photos with your arms-crossed, hands in pockets, or leaning towards the camera over a table. (See examples in this section.)

What Backdrops are Best for Virtual Headshots?

For more most industries, we recommend neutral backdrops based in white, gray or black. With those colors, we can get some really crisp shots that convey reliability, professionalism, and consistency.

When placing an order for virtual headshots on our website, you’ll be able to select from 20 different background options.

In editing, we’ll be able to remove the background of your photo and replace it with one of our more professional backgrounds.

If you work in creative industries, non-profits, or tech, and you’d like your photos to have a bit more “pop,” feel free to pick a colored studio backdrop or try a natural background. These photos can often have a bit more personality. 

headshot background options

HeadShots Inc Offers 20 Different Virtual Backdrop Options

at home virtual headshots for work

How Much Do Virtual Headshots Cost?

Virtual headshots cost between $40 and $150 depending on package, quantity, and provider. The bottom end of that range will be for companies getting virtual headshots for multiple people.

When considering pricing, remember to look at a) licensing (who owns the photos) and b) retouching fees.

For reference, HeadShots Inc virtual headshot packages cost between $40 and $95. You get  custom retouching for your virtual headshot and we also replace the background. Individual packages start at $49, and group rates go down to $40/person based on volume.

Visit our virtual headshot services page to learn more about options.

What’s The Best Way to Get Virtual Headshots for Remote Teams?

HeadShots Inc has a virtual headshot service tailored made for distributed teams. Upon creating your account, you will be able to send employees a special link that will allow them to upload a photo taken at home.

Once we receive the photo and can verify the quality, or send it back for revisions, we will retouch the photo and swap in your background of choice.

For remote teams, or teams who need headshots on a budget, this can be a great option for getting virtual headshots for your team in a convenient and scaleable way.


virtual headshots for distributed teams

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