Terms of Service

Photography License:

By default, clients retain 100% of all license rights to all photos taken at their session. However, for the purposes of quality control, HeadShots LLC may delete some photos that are blurry, poorly lit, or display the subject in an unflattering light. (Blinking, sneezing, or not looking at the camera.)

HeadShots LLC may ask some clients for permission to share their photos on the HeadShots Inc website and social-media accounts. By accepting, clients agree that their photos may be displayed for commercial purposes; and they understand that they will not be compensated for use of their photos.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

For all Individual Session types, HeadShots LLC offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason, the client does not approve of the photos taken during their session. They may return for a free re-shoot at a HeadShots LLC studio within 60-days of their original session.

In order to qualify for the free re-shoot session, the client must 1) have actually attended the session (no-shows do not count) and 2) must notify the photography before selecting their final photo(s) for editing. To schedule a re-shoot, please email smile@headshots-inc.com.

Only otherwise stated, this guarantee only applies to Individual Sessions. Group photo re-shoots may be offered, but the setting might not be able to be replicated. All group photos will be reviewed on the camera or iPad before the session is over to ensure client satisfaction. 

We are happy to provide reshoots to make sure clients are 100% happy with their final headshots. However, to prevent unfair abuse of this guarantee, if a client opts to schedule a re-shoot, they will lose all rights to photos taken during their original session.

Reschedule & Cancellation Policy

For all Individual Session types, clients may reschedule their session at no-cost up to 24 hours before their session. With less than 24-hours notice, a $50 reschedule fee will be required to reschedule your session. Clients who do not attend their scheduled session and give no notice – will forfeit the entire fee paid for that session. Reschedule and cancellation requests must be emailed to smile@headshots-inc.com. 

For group Company Sessions, a custom reschedule & cancellation policy will be included in your Statement of Work. Terms may vary due to the transportation and opportunity cost associated with staffing your HeadShots Inc session.

No Warranty On Counsel:

On this website, Headshots LLC provides advice in the form of commentary, data, and news that may constitute expert advice on various topics related to professional and career development.  No advice given on this site carries any warranty or promise of any specific outcome. For all career and purchasing decisions, clients should evaluate their specific situation on a case-by-case basis.