Terms of Service

Photography License:

By default, HeadShots Inc retains full copyright ownership of all photos taken at our sessions. By default, upon selection and purchase of photos, Client’s receive an unlimited perpetual commercial license for all purchased images. HeadShots Inc may retain rights to photos of backgrounds, test photos, photos containing our contractors or employees, and other photos that are not part of the services we are rendering for the client. Upon completion of the session, clients will receive a gallery of their images via a file sharing services, where they can select photos for purchase or editing.

HeadShots Inc retains the rights to use any headshots, portraits, group photos, and event photography for sharing and promotional purposes. As a photography studio, we could not continue marketing our services without a steady stream of recent work. We only choose the best photos. If a client would like to book a session with full privacy, please request a custom quote, as private session fees are usually 50% higher than standard sessions.

Most sessions at HeadShots Inc are paid for in advance. At our discretion, we may elect to allow some clients to pay their invoice afterwards. If the client fails to pay the invoice, the license for all images reverts back to HeadShots Inc. Client will be liable for damages if they use said images without paying for their session.


By default, all sessions booked at HeadShots Inc are completely confidential to the client. At no time will HeadShots Inc ever share a client’s information without verbal or written consent. Photos shared in our portfolio will not have a name or company associated with the photo.

Statement Against AI Scraping:

HeadShots Inc expressly forbids unauthorized artificial intelligence (AI) processing of our, and our clients’, images for the purposes of re-sale, redistribution, or machine learning. Un-authorized use of our images will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and may be liable for civil damages for copyright infringement.

If a third-party decides to scrape our photos and make similar images in composition, background, and lighting (even if the person in the photo is different), they agree to be liable for the greater number of: 1) A minimum of $500,000 of damages or 2) Total sales of their images that used our photos to learn, multiplied by a factor of 10.

By using our website, you agree to these terms of service. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

For all Individual Session types, HeadShots Inc offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason, the client does not like the photos taken during their session. They may return for a free re-shoot at a HeadShots Inc studio within 30-days of their original session. The session must be requested and attended within 30 days of the original shoot.

For the purposes of clarity, the term Individual Session types include Express Studio Session, Express Outdoor Sessions, Standard Outdoor Sessions, Standard Studio Sessions, Platinum Combo Sessions, and On-Demand Sessions.


In order to qualify for the free re-shoot session, the client must 1) have actually attended the session (no-shows do not count) and 2) must notify the photography before selecting their final photo(s) for editing. To schedule a re-shoot, please email smile@headshots-inc.com.


Only otherwise stated, this guarantee only applies to Individual Sessions. Group photo re-shoots may be offered, but the setting might not be able to be replicated. All group photos will be reviewed on the camera or iPad before the session is over to ensure client satisfaction.


We are happy to provide reshoots to make sure clients are 100% happy with their final headshots. However, to prevent unfair abuse of this guarantee, if a client opts to schedule a re-shoot, they will relinquish all rights to photos taken during their original session and cannot use them for any reason. By requesting a reshoot, the client agrees to delete any of the HeadShots Inc photos they downloaded from their session folder.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy:

For all Individual Session types, we accept cancellations and reschedules with a full refund up to 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. If you need to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice, you can do so for a $50 re-book fee, which will allow you to transfer your appointment to another day or time. As we’ve already traveled to the location and scheduled our day, we can’t provide reschedules when less than three-hours notice is given. Clients who do not attend their scheduled session and give no notice – will also forfeit the session. Cancellation and reschedule requests must be emailed to smile@headshots-inc.com.

Late Policy:
It’s generally recommended that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your session starts so that you can remove any belongings and check your hair/makeup. However, if you’re running late, we have a 15-minute grace period. After 15-minutes, you keep your time slot, but we’ll do the best we can in the shorter time frame.


For group and on-site sessions, our policy is that sessions are 100% refundable with 30 days notice. Sessions are 50% refundable with between 30 days and 7 days notice. Sessions are 25% refundable with 6 days to 3 days notice. Due to lost opportunity cost, sessions are not refundable with less than 72 hours notice from the start time. However, in extreme circumstance, we may elect to allow the client to reschedule their session. If so, the session will be converted into a credit that expires after 6 months.

For some sessions, a custom reschedule & cancellation policy will be included in your Statement of Work. Terms may vary due to the transportation and opportunity cost associated with staffing your HeadShots Inc session.


Health and Safety Guidelines:

The health and safety of our clients and photographers is our top priority. As such, here are the commitments we make to our community.

– If a client or photographers arrives while clearly sick to a session (sneezing, coughing, or otherwise ill), both parties retain the right to trigger a refund and cancel the session. If you’re sick, PLEASE RESCHEDULE YOUR SESSION.

– All photographers must be fully vaccinated and boosted against the virus caused by Covid-19. All photographers must wear a mask when interacting with clients. Clients should wear a mask if their local health officials deem it necessary for your community.

– If a client, or photographer, feels uncomfortable or unsafe during their session for any reason, the client or photographer can cancel the session and a refund will be issued.

No Liability On Counsel:

On this website, Headshots Inc provides advice in the form of commentary, data, and news that may constitute expert advice on various topics related to professional and career development.  No advice given on this site carries any warranty or promise of any specific outcome. For all career and purchasing decisions, clients should evaluate their specific situation on a case-by-case basis. 

Photo Storage Policy:

We will store your photos free of charge for 365 calendar days from your session. Afterwards, at our discretion, we will remove photos from our database. It is recommended that clients download their photos as soon as they receive their photos.