Individual Headshot Services:

individual headshot photography session pricing

Professional Headshots Custom To Your Industry, Goals, and Brand

Scroll down to see headshot pricing for individuals or teams of up to four people. If you’re interested in adding someone to your session, you’ll have that option when booking an appointment online.

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Included With All Headshot Sessions:

  • Professional Coaching: Experienced photographers using professional equipment will help you feel relaxed for your shoot. All shoots involve in-depth coaching and client collaboration.
  • Instant Image Review: Review your photos on our studio computer or iPad during your shoot to make sure they’re perfect. If you need to match corporate headshot guidelines, we’ll guarantee a match while in the studio.
  • Custom Retouching: High-end retouching to remove stray hairs, acne, wrinkles, bags under eyes, and whiten teeth. You can choose exactly how much or how little we edit your photos.

Express Studio Session

Location: HeadShots Inc Studio


  • Description: 15-minute photography session with one clothing and background combination.
  • Photos Included: Package includes 20 to 30 high-resolution images custom to your goals. One image of your choice is edited and retouched.
  • Want outdoor photos? When booking, option to select “Standard Outdoor Session” for photos outside our studio.

Standard Studio Session

Location: HeadShots Inc Studio


  • Description: 30-minute photography session with two clothing and background combinations.
  • Photos Included: Package includes 40 to 50 high-resolution images custom to your goals. Two images of your choice are edited and retouched.
  • Want outdoor photos? When booking, option to select “Standard Outdoor Session” for photos outside our studio.

Platinum Combo Session

Location: HeadShots Inc Studio


  • Description: 90-minute photography session with four clothing and background combinations. 
  • Photos Included: Package includes 80 to 120 high-resolution images custom to your goals. Four images of your choice are edited and retouched.
  • Unlike other sessions types, with this session you can take photos BOTH outdoors and in-studio for max variety.

On-Demand Session

Location: Office or outdoor location of your choice. Travel fee may apply depending on distance from our studio.


  • Description: 30-minute photography session with two clothing and background combinations.
  • Photos Included: Package includes 40 to 50 high-resolution images custom to your goals. Two images of your choice are edited and retouched.
  • Note: This session type is flexible and can be used to book a session for multiple people at a discounted rate. Studio background can be brought to an office for a fee. Please contact us for group quotes.

Common Session Add-Ons:

add an extra retouched photo

Additional Retouched Images: $55

After your shoot, buy additional retouched photos for $55/each. 

add a friend to your headshot session

Add a Friend: $175 to $400

Add up to three people to any Individual Session. You’ll receive a discount for booking the session together.

full body portraits example

Full Body Portraits: $75

If you need photos taken from full-body or below the knee, add this option for full-body or 2/3rds body studio photos. 

background replacement example 2

Background Replacement: $50

Replace the background of your professional photo. Visit headshot backgrounds page to see a full list of options.

custom file uploads for corporate pass

Expedited Delivery: $75

Standard retouching takes five business days. Upgrade to get your retouched image in just one business day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many photos do I get to keep?

One business day after your session, you’ll receive an email with a link to an online gallery with ALL the images from your shoot. You have an unlimited perpetual license to use them wherever you want. From there, you can select photos for editing and retouching. Different session types come with different # of photos included, so read the pricing table to find this information.

How quickly do I get my photos after the session?

You will receive online proofing gallery with watermarked version of your high-resolution headshots via email by the following business day. Once you’ve selected your photos for retouching, we will return the edited and un-edited headshot within 5 business days. You can also get Expedited Delivery (1 business day vs 5 business days) for any photos for an additional $75/photo.

If I need my headshots more quickly, can I get them faster?

If you’re in a rush, you can expedite your retouching to one business day vs 5 Business Days for $75/photo. In some circumstances, we may also be able to send your un-edited headshots on the same day (vs the following business day), but please check with your photographer beforehand.

How does your "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" work?

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your photos, we will give you a free re-shoot at our studio within 30 days of your original session. In order to qualify for the free re-shoot session, the client must 1) have actually attended the session (no-shows do not count) and 2) must notify us before selecting their final photo(s) for editing. To schedule a re-shoot, please email

Do you offer group/couples discounts?

Yes! When booking studio sessions online, you have the ability to “Add a Friend” for a discounted rate. For outdoor/office sessions, we also offer a discount for back-to-back sessions.

What backdrops do you have available at the studio?

We offer 10 paper studio backdrops along with 2 lighting styles. Colors include pure white, off-white, light grey, charcoal, black, yellow, orange, blue, aqua, and pink. You can see all available backgrounds here:

What does "retouching" mean? What do you do to the photos?

Every HeadShots Inc session includes at least one “retouched” image. You can purchase additional images with retouching included for $95/each. During the retouching process, we generally improve the quality of the photo by 1) removing stray hairs 2) whitening teeth 3) removing acne 4) minimizing bags under eyes and 5) generally improving lighting/contract. If requested, we can also apply facial wrinkle removal. Learn more and see examples on our editing process page.

Will you ever share my photos online in your portfolio?

By default, the client retains 100% ownership of all photos taken during the session. We take client privacy extremely seriously and will never share your photos online without your permission. In some case, we may ask customers if they are “OK” with us sharing their photos. By accepting, you agree that you will not be compensated for your photos and you are granting us the right to display your headshots for an indefinite period. But, by default, we keep photos 100% private.

Can you print my photos for me?

We do not currently offer photo printing services for our photos. If you need printing services, we highly recommend Fedex Print and Ship, which has affordable high-quality photo printing available across the city.

What is your reschedule policy?

No fees for cancellations or reschedules requested with at least 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours notice, there may be a $50 re-booking fee to transfer your appointment to a different date/time. No-shows are non-refundable.

I'm not good at taking photos or hate getting my photo taken, can you help?

That’s our specialty! For every session, we create a relaxed/fun environment for headshot photography. You don’t need to have any prior experience/success in your photos – we will coach you to success. If you come prepared and bring a good attitude, you’re going to get some great headshots. For professionals who HATE getting their photo taken, you’ll end up appreciating that we can keep sessions short-and-effective.

Do I need to pay upfront?

Yes. In order to provide competitive pricing, we need to know that customers will actually show up for their session. As such, we don’t accept reservations without payment upfront. In some case however, you can call us ahead of time and pay when you arrive. You must call ahead of time and discuss with the studio.

What are your standard licensing terms?

Clients retain 100% usage rights to all original photos taken during their session. There’s no hidden fees. You never need to license or credit us for your photos.

Can you match photos taken by other photographers?

We understand that some clients have photos of co-workers that they’d like to match. If requested, we will do everything possible to match the style of other photographers for your session. However, you must contact the studio beforehand to confirm whether we can match your desired style. For studio contact information, please visit the relevant studio page.