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Team Headshot Session Pricing

Group headshots that help your team look professional, approachable, and trustworthy.

Sessions can be done at your office, outdoors, or at our studio. Scroll down to see pricing.

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Individual Sessions allow you to studio sessions with up to three people. Want to send team members to our studio at different days/times? Check out Corporate Plans.

team headshot photography setup

Team Headshot Rates

Setup Rate + Session Rate = Total Rate

On Location Setup Rates: (Choose One)

Professional Setup: $300

Professional Setup + Studio Background: $500

Session Rates:

1 Person: $195

2-3 People: $175/person

4-10 People: $125/person

For high-volume shoots, we offer half and full-day flat rate packages ($2,000 | $3,500) as a convenient alternative to per person rates. Sessions at our studio do not incur Setup Rates.

Additional setup and travel fees may apply depending on the location and deliverables required for your shoot. 

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Looking for pricing for high-volume events (conferences, tradeshows, and town halls) with 100 to 3000 participants? Request a custom quote on this page.

Included With All Sessions:

team headshots pricing example of how it works
  • Hassle-Free Logistics: Time slot signup page, dedicated customer service email, and consolidated company folder for all your photos.
  • Fun, energetic, and detail-oriented photographers who help you LOVE your photos and experience.
  • Match any company headshot guidelines (if you have them) by uploading your guidelines or an example photo to your appointment reservation.
  • Instant image review via our studio computer or iPad (if we’re outdoors). 
  • Professional custom editing for your images. We can remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and add a bit of polish.
  • Makeup and new hire sessions available at our studio locations. (San Francisco and San Jose)

Team Headshot Session Styles:

We’re happy to match any corporate headshot guidelines or we can help you create your own. Here are some common headshot styles.  

indoor semi formal headshot style

Semi-Formal Indoor Corporate Headshot

team headshot photography pricing example

Formal Studio Corporate Headshot

team headshot style outdoor casual

Casual Outdoor Professional Headshot

casual studio team headshot example

Casual Studio Professional Headshot

Want to see more examples? Check out the full portfolio below.

Looking for more group photos? Please see the Group Photo Portofolio page.

Trusted By The Best Companies In The Bay Area:

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…and over 100 other corporate customers across the San Francisco Bay Area!

Common Session Add-Ons:

add an extra retouched photo

Additional Retouched Images: $75

After your shoot, buy additional retouched images for $75/each. Group bulk discounts apply for team sessions.

group photo pricing page add-on

Group Photos: Custom

Add a group photo or portrait of your team members to commemorate an event or show teamwork.

full body portraits example

Full Body Portraits: Custom

If you need photos taken from full-body or below the knee, add this option for full-body or 2/3rds body studio photos. 

background replacement example 2

Background Replacement: $25

Replace the background of your professional photo. Visit headshot backgrounds page to see a full list of options.

custom file uploads for corporate pass

Expedited Delivery: $75

Standard retouching takes five business days. Upgrade to get your retouched image in just one business day.

hair and makeup for team headshots

On-Site Hair & Makeup: $1000 to $2500

Does your team need help looking their best before your team headshot session? Add a hair and makeup pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly do I get my photos after the session?

We review photos in real-time as we’re creating them. This process is critically important for getting you amazing photos tailored to your preferences and goals. You will have the option to select photos while on-site with us, and if so, you can get your un-edited photos the same day! Otherwise, you’ll receive your photos the next business day. Retouching takes 5 business days from selection, but you can upgrade to Expedited Delivery for $75/photo, which means your photo will be ready the following business day. (Monday-Friday.)

If I need my headshots more quickly, can I get them faster?

If you’re in a rush, you can expedite your editing to 24 Hours vs 5 Business Days for $75/photo. In some circumstances, we may also be able to send your un-edited headshots on the same day (vs the following business day), but please check with your photographer beforehand.

How does your "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" work?

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your photos, we will give you a free re-shoot at our studio within 30 days of your original session. In order to qualify for the free re-shoot session, the client must 1) have actually attended the session (no-shows do not count) and 2) must notify the photography before selecting their final photo(s) for editing. To schedule a re-shoot, please email

Do you travel outside the Bay Area?

For full-day office on-sites we regularly travel across the continental USA. Depending on the situations, we may need to be reimbursed for travel expenses, but will discuss that with you when you request a quote.

What backdrops do you have available at the studio?

We offer 10 paper studio backdrops at our studio. Colors include pure white, off-white, light grey, charcoal, black, yellow, orange, blue, aqua, and pink. We can also substitute the background for another photo of a city, nature, or custom background of your choice. See all examples here: Headshot Backgrounds

We don't have an office, can we rent out your studio?

Yep! You can rent our studio out to host up to 250 people per day. Please contact us for a custom quote.

My property manager/landlord requires a "COI" or Certificate of Insurance - can you provide one?

Yes! We’re happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request. If you need our standard corporate copy, we are happy to send that to you free of charge. If your landlord requires a customized version, we charge a one-time fee of $200.

Alternatively, you may be able to skip this process by telling your landlord that you accept resposibility for any liablity arising from your session.

What are your standard licensing terms?

The client’s receive an unlimited perpetual commercial license for all photos from their sessions. There’s no hidden fees. You never need to license or credit us for your photos again. Fees for licensing can range into the hundreds to thousands of dollars, so our rates are unbeatable. 

Can you match photos taken by other photographers?

We understand that some clients already have photos of some employees that they’d like to match. If requested, we will do everything possible to match the style of other photographers for your session. However, you must contact the studio beforehand to confirm whether we can match your desired style. For studio contact information, please visit the relevant studio page.

Can you bring a studio backdrop to an office/house?

Yes. Because of the size/logistics of moving studio backdrops around, there is a $500 charge for bringing a studio backdrop. 

What if my employees are hard to schedule at the same time/place?

For these cases, we built  Corporate Pass packages to give organizations an easy way to execute on getting employees consistent headshots. Once you contact us to create your package, we’ll issue you a unique organization code. Using that code, employees can book sessions on our website at their convenience. Your photographer will use the code to identify your employees and keep all backdrop/lighting specifications consistent. Visit our Corporate Pass page for more information.

Will you ever share my photos online in your portfolio?

HeadShots Inc retains the rights to use any headshots, portraits, group photos, and event photography for sharing and promotional purposes. As a photography studio, we could not continue marketing our services without a steady stream of recent work. We only choose the best photos. If a client would like to book a session with full privacy, please request a custom quote. Fully private session fees are +50% higher than standard sessions.

What is your reschedule policy?

For On-Site Sessions: For group and on-site sessions, our policy is that sessions are 100% refundable with 30 days notice. Sessions are 50% refundable with between 30 days and 7 days notice. Sessions are 25% refundable with 6 days to 3 days notice. Due to lost opportunity cost, sessions are not refundable with less than 72 hours notice from the start time. However, in extreme circumstance, we may elect to allow the client to reschedule their session. If so, the session will be converted into a credit that expires after 6 months. 

For some sessions, a custom reschedule & cancellation policy will be included in your Statement of Work. Terms may vary due to the transportation and opportunity cost associated with staffing your HeadShots Inc session.

My team is not good at taking photos or hates getting their photos taken, can you help?

That’s our specialty! For every session, we create a relaxed, fun, and efficient environment for headshot photography. You don’t need to have any prior experience/success in your photos – we will coach you to success. If your team members come prepared and bring a good attitude, they’re going to get some great photos. For executives who HATE getting their photo taken (and wont’ come with a good attitude regardless), they end up appreciating that we can keep sessions short-and-effective.

What does "retouching" mean? What do you do to the photos?

During the retouching process, we generally improve the quality of the photo by 1) removing stray hairs 2) whitening teeth 3) removing acne 4) minimizing bags under eyes and 5) generally improving lighting/contract. If requested, we can also apply facial wrinkle removal. Learn more and see examples here.

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