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Corporate Headshot Plan Pricing

Corporate Pass© accounts allow you to send employees to our studio at their convenience for consistent headshots.

Simply contact us to create your account. Scroll down to see pricing.

Included With All Corporate Plans:

  • Professional Coaching: Experience a fun and collaborative atmosphere to help your team feel relaxed/photogenic!
  • Instant Image Review: Review your photos on our studio computer or iPad to make sure they’re perfect.
  • Custom Retouching: Natural-looking editing for blemishes, stray hairs, and teeth; customized to your preference.
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Corporate Headshot Plans

Regular On-Location Shoots:
For our regular on-location shoots, we can come to your office at regularly scheduled intervals (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) to provide a convenient headshot solution for employers who need ID badges and professional headshots for their staff.

Corporate Pass Sessions: 
Alternatively, you can send employees to our studio locations. We will create a custom discount code that employees can use to book sessions at our studio. Once your code is created, employees simply visit our website and book a session at their convenience.

Once editing is complete, a duplicate copy of photos is sent to the employer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly do I get my photos after the session?

We review photos in real-time as we’re creating them. This process is critically important for getting you amazing photos tailored to your preferences and goals. You will have the option to select photos while on-site with us, and if so, you can get your un-edited photos the same day! Otherwise, you’ll receive your photos the next business day. Retouching takes 5 business days from selection, but you can upgrade to Expedited Delivery for $75/photo, which means your photo will be ready the following business day. (Monday-Friday.)

What backdrops do you have available at the studio?

We offer 10 paper studio backdrops at our studio. Colors include pure white, off-white, light grey, charcoal, black, yellow, orange, blue, aqua, and pink. We can also substitute the background for another photo of a city, nature, or custom background of your choice. See all examples here: Headshot Backgrounds

Can you match photos taken by other photographers?

We understand that some clients already have photos of some employees that they’d like to match. If requested, we will do everything possible to match the style of other photographers for your session. However, you must contact the studio beforehand to confirm whether we can match your desired style. For studio contact information, please visit the relevant studio page.

What are your standard licensing terms?

The client’s receive an unlimited perpetual commercial license for any images purchased as part of their package. Images may be used for business websites, press releases, ads, and any other business purpose.

What is your reschedule policy?

For Corporate Pass Sessions: Clients may reschedule their session at no-cost up to 24 hours before their session. With less than 24-hours notice, a $50 reschedule fee will be required to reschedule your session. Clients who do not attend their scheduled session and give no notice – will forfeit the entire fee paid for that session. Reschedule and cancellation requests must be emailed to smile@headshots-inc.com. 

My team is not good at taking photos or hates getting their photos taken, can you help?

That’s our specialty! For every session, we create a relaxed, fun, and efficient environment for headshot photography. You don’t need to have any prior experience/success in your photos – we will coach you to success. If your team members come prepared and bring a good attitude, they’re going to get some great photos. For executives who HATE getting their photo taken (and wont’ come with a good attitude regardless), they end up appreciating that we can keep sessions short-and-effective.

What does "retouching" mean? What do you do to the photos?

Every HeadShots Inc Corporate Pass session includes 1 retouched photo of your choice, and you can purchase additional for $75/each. During the retouching process, we generally improve the quality of the photo by 1) removing stray hairs 2) whitening teeth 3) removing acne 4) minimizing bags under eyes and 5) generally improving lighting/contract. If requested, we can also apply facial wrinkle removal. Learn more and see examples here.