Individual Session FAQ

What are your procedures for handling Covid-19?

Your safety is our top priority. As a result, we’ve implemented multiple measures to ensure a safe photography environment for our clients. To learn more, visit the HeadShots Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines.

Where Do I Put My New Headshot?

First impressions are everything.  That’s true in your career and in your personal life.  Having an up-to-date, professional portrait on hand can play an important role in landing that interview, winning that contract, or meeting that perfect client.

Here are a few ways that our clients have used their professional headshots to make a lasting first impression:

Social Media – LinkedIn and Facebook

Real-Estate or Realtor Business Cards

Executive About Pages

Brochures and Sales Collateral 
ERAS Residency Application System

Where can I get HeadShots near me?

We have a studio in downtown San Francisco and seven pre-screened outdoor locations across SF. If you prefer to have your session taken at another location, contact us and we’ll make it happen!

Do you have tips on how to pose for headshots?

Posing for business portraits is easy! Unless you’re looking for a specific style, most people should stick to three basic poses: 1) Standing straight up, looking at camera 2) Sitting forward on a chair or couch, leaning forward while keeping your back straight or 3) Slightly leaning sideways on a high table or wall. Each pose can convey a different personality.

What should I wear for headshots?

In general, you should “Dress for the job you want. Not the job you have.” Check out our blog for more info.

Can you edit my photo to be in black and white?

Absolutely! To get your final product in black-and-white, just request a B&W copy in your edit request form. (Sent to you after your session.)

Can you print a physical version of my photos?

Unfortunately, we can’t print your HeadShots for you. However, Fedex Print-and-Ship centers are a great low-cost option.

Is photo retouching/airbrushing included?

Yes! We retouch all final photos before sending them to clients. One retouched photo is included with your session, additional are $95/each. For a list of all things we edit, please see this blog post on HeadShots editing.

Are LinkedIn profile photos important?

A clean, recent, and professional social media profile photo is critical to your career! Here are some stats:
  • 94% of recruiters (who use social-media) regularly use LinkedIn to vet candidates 
  • 19% of recruiters will ONLY look at your profile picture and nothing else on your LinkedIn profile. (HSN Beauty Survey)
  • By just having a profile photos, your profile 14x more likely to be seen by recruiters, customers, and investors. (LinkedIn Report)

We send you your final photos in “LinkedIn Optimized Format” which is the maximum file size allowed to upload to LinkedIn.


Do you offer a makeup artist or hair stylist?

Not right now, but we’re working on finding a high-quality makeup artist and hair stylist for our studio sessions.

If your hair is typically frizzy/difficult to manage, we highly recommend a hair appointment the day before.


What are some good headshot tips and poses?

You can find a ton of good tips out there for taking great headshots, but our number one tip is to relax and trust your photographer. We’ll guide you through every aspect of your session, from posing to placement, and we’ll offer suggestions on how to improve your portraits as we take them.


Do you take sessions for both men and women?

Yes.  We offer business headshots for men and women.  Our photographers are trained in a variety of different poses and styles to accommodate your unique style, personality, and industry.

Can’t I just take a photo with my iPhone?

You can take a headshot with your iPhone, but we wouldn’t recommend using it in a professional setting! Smartphones are incredible devices, but the sensors inside the phones are small and your portrait won’t be as detailed or as sharp as they will with our professional equipment. On top of that, great images are just as much about light as they are about equipment.  Our photographers understand how light works and how to use light in a way that makes you look great.

What is a headshot photo?

Typically, a headshot photo is a photo of a person’s face and shoulders.  You can capture a headshot from a variety of different angles — and we do!  You can expect a wide selection of professional business headshots from your session with us.