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virtual headshots for distributed teams example

Virtual Headshot Editing Services 

Make a great first impression online with a virtual headshot taken with your smartphone or home camera.

After following our easy step-by-step guide, send your photo to our expert team of editors who will transform your photo into a professional headshot.

Or, you can read the step-by-step guide to How to Take Professional Headshots at Home.

Virtual Headshot Packages:

Standard Virtual Headshot

Take Your Photo and Upload!


Description: After purchasing, you will receive a
special link to upload one (1) preferred photo for our editing team to transform into a virtual headshot.

Package Includes:

+ Verification that your photo meets our guidelines

+ Background replacement of your choice (20 Options or Upload a Custom Background)

+ Custom retouching for teeth whitening, acne, stray hairs, and bags under eyes

+ Three (3) business day turnaround time

+ Satisfaction Guaranteed: Unlimited Revisions Within 30 Days

Expedited Virtual Headshot

In a rush? Get your photo within one business day.


  • Description: Everything included with the Standard Virtual Headshot, but delivered in one business day vs 3 business days.
virtual headshots for distributed teams

Virtual Team Packages


  • Description: The perfect option for getting virtual headshots for remotes teams who are looking for consistent photos. Employees will submit their photos via a private link. We provide a consistent background and retouching, and send you duplicate copies.
  • Pricing: Per person rate is based on volume of employees. Sessions are pre-paid and do not expire, so are perfect for new hires.

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Virtual Headshot Examples

We took best practices from mastering professional headshots at our commercial photography studio, and help you get similar results at home. See these real results for yourself!

virtual headshot for professional workers
at home virtual headshots for work
virtual headshot example for remote team
virtual headshot photography example
virtual professional headshot example
virtual headshot photography services
professional virtual headshot for teams with color
virtual headshot for work
virtual headshot example photo
virtual diy headshot service for remote teams example
virtual headshot editing services
diy virtual headshot with background replacement

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the examples on this page real?

Yep! Every single one of the photos on our website is from a real customer. We don’t use paid models, and the example photos you see on the Virtual Headshots pages are all taken with smart phones.

Are there any specific requirements on the type of phone I need to have?

In general, as long as your phone was made within the last 3 or 4 years, you should be fine. However, more phone types will work if you use the front-facing camera vs the selfie camera. If you purchase a package, and later find out that your phone’s camera isn’t good enough to get a quality result, we will refund you.

Do I control how much "retouching" happens to my photo?

Yes! In fact, if you don’t want retouching, and only want the background replaced in your photo, you have that option as well. Otherwise, you will be asked to select from one of five retouching options.

Will you ever share my photos online in your portfolio?

We will never share your photos online without your express permission. At the end of uploading your photo, we will ask you if it’s OK for us to share your photo online in exchange for a gift card. You are under no obligation to say “yes” and the default answer is “no”.

How many backgrounds do I get to choose from? Can I see them?

There are 20 background options to choose from. We’re working on the ability to share a preview, but don’t currently have that option available.

How will I know if I took my photo correctly?

When you upload your photo, someone from our editing team will verify if the photo was taken correctly. If not, we’ll tell you what needs to get fixed and let you upload a new one.