HeadShots Inc Franchising Requests

Become The Premiere Headshot Photographer In Your Area

Interested in building an awesome headshot business in your local market? We’d love to help. HeadShots Inc was built to provide a scaleable headshot service that could be easily be learned and executed across the USA.

If you have photography experience, but more importantly, care deeply about providing an amazing experience to your customers, we’d love to chat with you.

All franchisees will receive:

– In-depth training to master all elements of HeadShots Inc’s signature style for studio, outdoor, and in-office sessions. We have this process down to a science and can teach you in a three day intensive.

– Marketing & sales support within your local market to help you dominate SEO, Search Ads, Yelp, LinkedIn, and direct outreach to local employers.

– Access to shared services including finance, website management, data storage, retouching, and a shared customer service team. 

While we were meant to launch this program in 2020…due to Covid-19’s impact on the photography market, we will begin franchising in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. 

Application decisions will be based on a combination of local market factors along with photographer qualifications.

To join the wait list, email a link to your portfolio and best contact info to smile@headshots-inc.com

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Dan St Louis, Owner and Head Photographer