Why Invest in Group Headshots for Your Team?

by | Dec 2, 2019

Delivering great first impressions and maintaining quality in a relationship is something every business strives for on every sales call and client meeting.

Keeping your group corporate headshots updated helps you start that relationship on the right foot and helps you stand out against your competitors. Not only will prospective customers be more inclined to trust you. You can attract new talent to your team and leverage empathy around your strategic business goals by appearing more open and transparent.

Top Reasons to Invest in Company Headshots:

REASON#1: Trust & Competence​

Research shows that the quality of corporate headshots on customer-facing materials has an +83% impact on the viewers’ perception of the employee’s competence.

You would never let employees appear unprofessional in-person, why let them appear unprofessional online?

Trust is one of the cornerstones of a great business. When clients and partners trust you, they’ll do business with you again.

You can learn more about some recent research we released on the topic here: Do Business Headshots Really Matter? [Video Report]

REASON #2: Build An Unforgettable Brand​

Company headshots are about more than putting a face to a name. They’re about building trust and setting the right expectations.

Customers are concerned with who you are. In a recent study, 52% of respondents said that the first thing they looked at when visiting a company website was an about me page.

Show clients who you are with headshots that accurately represent your brand, your business, and your mission.

REASON #3: Convert More Website Visitors​

When you’re trying to convert more visitors to your website, stunning corporate headshots can give you an edge.

That’s because customers love visuals, and they play a key role in how we make decisions. According to a 2006 study, you only have about 50 milliseconds to make a great first impression. That’s how long it takes for the average user to form an opinion about a website.

50 milliseconds is also exactly how long it takes for someone to decide whether they trust you, which is what makes great employee headshots so important.

Need a more specific business case? Check out: The Business Case for Employer Sponsored Headshots.

Summary: It’s All About Your Brand

Headshots are often the first thing customers will notice about your company. They make split-second judgements on how competent your employee’s are, so what first impression are you making?

Ready to upgrade your team’s business headshot? Head on over to our Team Headshot Packages page to request a custom quote. You can also email smile@headshots-inc.com.

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