Top 10 Places in San Francisco for Corporate Team Building

by | Dec 1, 2020

Team-building events can help break down workplace walls and improve communication skills among employees. Through team-building, employers can see the employees who work the best together and those who need help. A successful team-building event can lead to a happier and more productive workplace.

Create stronger bonds between your employees with our list of the top 10 places in San Francisco for corporate team building activities!

Top Corporate Team Building Activities

Captain Kirk’s San Francisco Sailing

What better way to encourage your staff to work as a team than putting them on the deck of a sailing yacht? Captain Kirk’s San Francisco Sailing has boats for teams of six and up to 24 (12 with COVID-19 restrictions). You can bring food or have catering added on as part of the package.

Every person on each team will get a chance at the helm while everyone else learns the ropes. Trips include seeing the most famous San Francisco Bay landmarks or going to Angel Island for a picnic or barbecue arranged by Captain Kirk’s. You can also organize larger groups to take all their boats out in a race around the bay.

The Go Game

Booking an event and having to cancel because the venue has to close due to health concerns is becoming more common than ever. The Go Game‘s remote team-building events continue to help organizations boost employee morale build stronger working relationships since starting in 2001.

You can link up to 1,500 of your staff in a single event. Teams must solve puzzles, find treasure, and compete with one another to learn how to approach and deal with problems. With the Go Game, you can work on improving your workplace’s communication, even while social distancing.

Breakthrough Sushi

Not everyone can or likes to run around in a hot kitchen. So, why not take your time and learn the art of rolling sushi instead? Breakthrough Sushi can bring the party to you and set up an interactive demonstration where your staff can choose to join. You can have a daylong sushi bar for everyone to gather around.

You’ll be able to build teams with up to 200 participants to get everyone’s hands busy learning how to prepare this delicate cuisine. Your office becomes the classroom, and the entire team will discover that the best results take time and practice.

Wine & Canvas of San Francisco

Imagine the type of creations you and your staff will produce when you mix wine with paints and canvases. Wine & Canvas of San Francisco supplies the equipment, the drinks, and the instructors. All you need to bring are the team and some enthusiasm, and together you can choose the themes for your creations.

Teams get over three hours for everyone to produce a masterpiece and have their fill of wine. The flexibility of this team-building event means that you can hold it at your office, a restaurant, or at the creator’s main studio. Give your team an opportunity to express themselves through a paintbrush.


Problem-solving skills are essential for virtually all occupations, but you do not always get to see an employee’s potential in their job.  EscapeSF gives everyone a chance to shine, demonstrate their leadership skills, and perform under pressure in one of four escape rooms.

EscapeSF also has a portable choice for those unable to leave the workplace. Escape Game Home Delivery is a high-tech case for up to five players. You can also order more than one kit and link players via video link. Players get 75 minutes to solve the case, with help from headquarters.

Sidewalk Food Tours

Between work and home, we often have too many obligations to go out and do something different. Everyone needs to eat, so why not mix team building and food with getting to know your neighborhood San Francisco eateries? Get together as friends rather than co-workers and take in the culture.

Sidewalk Food Tours‘ virtual experience gets past the restrictions of group gatherings with Zoom. Teams can take part in mixology classes or cooking. The timings are flexible, and everyone gets to have fun together, even when living in different cities.

It can take the right atmosphere to pull an employee out of their shell and the comfort zone of working from a desk. 1AM Gallery promotes expression through hip-hop, DJing, and street art. Workshops explore sound and graffiti, and participants then display their new talents to the world.

1AM Gallery also puts on virtual graffiti workshops for teams working in remote locations. Team members get everything they need, including art kits and spray paint. Participants Zoom with the rest of the team as they get instructions and time to practice before unveiling their masterpiece.

TeamBuilding Unlimited

Go even further with teaming building by helping with local charities and environmental causes. TeamBuilding Unlimited is famous for their Murder on the Menu interactive crime-solving experience. Now the company runs a long list of team-building experiences.

Take advantage of TeamBuilding Unlimited’s Charity Challenges dedicated to various causes. Teams can work together to assemble bikes, make teddy bears, and design superhero capes for children or help senior citizens by putting walkers together.

Made Up Theatre

The workshops at Made Up Theatre use interactive games and acting to break the barriers of the workplace. Online sessions for team building are available, where participants get to show their humor and acting ability to the rest of the team.

Improvisational comedy and drama require teams to use creativity and work together. Made Up Theatre is a  great option for companies looking to strengthen employee relationships after months of social distancing.

Fort Miley Adventure Challenge Course

For the fit and young, Fort Miley Adventure Challenge is an outdoor rope park covering 4 acres of northwestern San Francisco. Teams must rely on each other and work closely together to get through the obstacles.

Communication is key, and the chemistry of the teams grows through their experiences together. Sessions range in duration from a course of 45 minutes to over four hours, putting each participant’s skill set to the test.


So, there you have it. These are the top 10 places for corporate team building in San Francisco.  Do you think there’s a team building event provider that we missed? If so, let us know!

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