That’s a Wrap!: Series 1

by | Oct 22, 2019

We had a blast at Square Unboxed Conference last Thursday. Square Inc invited us to host over 120 participants through short sessions designed to get high quality business headshots.

Here were some of our key take-aways:

Take-Away #1: Short Headshot Sessions Can Work

HeadShots Inc has traditionally only hosted longer sessions for HeadShots Event Booths, anywhere in the range between 5 and 10 minutes. For this conference, we were overwhelmed by the amount of demand for headshots. The line quickly got backed up, so we had to pivot from 10 minute sessions to 3 minute sessions.

In general, it’s still easy to get great event headshots if you use a very simple setup.

Take-Away #2: Custom Backdrops Are Super Easy

We usually only work with white, grey, or black backdrops. But, our hosts requested a light blue backdrop provided by Savage. While there were a few funny moments when attendees arrived with light blue shirts, in general, attendees loved the colorful background.

We’ll be getting more creative with backdrops in the future.

From the moment the event started, it was absolutely. slammed…like the entire day.  So, this goes to show that headshot booth are as popular as ever and continue to be a major draw at events.

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