Not HeadShots: Lonely City Photo Series

by | Jan 9, 2020

While 95% of my day involves taking corporate headshots for professionals and companies – sometimes I like to step away from working with clients and explore more creative work.

In this series of photos, I wanted to use photography to document one of the phenomenon that grips downtown San Francisco during any average weekend.

For a city that occupies some of the most in-demand and expensive real-estate in the world, the majority of the beautiful downtown space is left eerily abandoned for 2 out of 7 days.

Is this excess? Where are all the people? Why aren’t we using this space?

This series of photos were captured to show the inherent loneliness and failure in urban planning that would leave a world-class city deserted in broad daylight.

Here are the photos – with titles below:

Title: City Park

Title: Main Street

Title: Bustlin’

Title: Fully Stocked

Title: Kids at Play

Title: Tire Swing

Thanks for looking! These photos were a blast to capture, and convinced me that we could do more to utilize the 7 mile x 7 mile space we have in San Francisco.

Let us know if you have any thoughts.


This series was produced by HeadShots Inc Owner and Head Photographer Dan St Louis. For questions about licensing or posting, reach out to Dan at Copyright HeadShots Inc 2020.

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