Four Surprising Stats About LinkedIn for Job Seekers

by | Sep 30, 2020

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours upon hours applying for jobs online…only to hear nothing back. 

If that’s you, we’ve got the latest research showing how recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to screen job applicants online.

Statistic #1: 95% of Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Source and Screen Job Candidates

If you don’t have an optimized, updated LinkedIn profile, you might be repelling recruiters and hiring managers. Simply put, because LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social media platform, it’s the easiest and fastest way for employers to evaluate job candidates.

LinkedIn probably isn’t going anywhere. So you can either update your profile, or get left behind!


Statistic #2: 67% of Companies Check Social-Media Profiles Before Extending Job Offers

Your online profiles aren’t just important for getting your initial job interview, but are also critical for getting your final job offer.

Hiring managers (and their HR departments) often want to check your online profiles just one more time before making a final decision.

They are mostly looking for “red flags” in your social media accounts, like inflammatory statements and really inappropriate photos. But, if a company is considering multiple applicants, why take a chance on your profile not looking its best?

PS: They don’t just check LinkedIn, but will also review any other publicly available profiles, like your Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well.


Statistic #3: Hiring Managers’ First Impressions Are Created in Just 1/10th of a Second

Perhaps most scary of all: When a hiring manager is looking at your online profiles, they will generate a “first impression” in just one tenth of a second.

As visual creatures with an incredibly short attention span, humans aren’t fans of evaluating people based on nuanced, fact-based attributes. 

We often judge products, services, food and even other people just based on how they look! How do you look on LinkedIn? Ten times more people will view your photo versus read through the minutiae in your job history.


Statistic #4: Professional Headshots Are Proven to Improve Your Perceived Competence by 76%

Professional headshots have a dramatic impact on how competent (aka “good”) hiring managers believe you will be at a job. 

In 2019, we sponsored an independently run four-month study, which proved that new professional headshots led to a 76% increase in how competent someone looks online. New headshots also led to a 9% increase in how likeable you appear, and a 62% increase in how influential you come across. (The study is cited below.)

If you have a selfie, graduation photo, or other low-quality profile photo, you’re in serious danger of disqualification before your first interview.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully, these statistics show that your LinkedIn profile is absolutely critical for landing your next dream job. Whether you’re an aspiring CEO or a newly minted college grad, a fresh headshot can have a powerful impact on how prospective employers see you online. 

If you want our expert tips on how to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile for job-seeking, download our free ebook: 6 Tips to Getting Hired on LinkedIn. We cover everything you need to know about creating the perfect LinkedIn profile in just a 30-minute read.

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