Five Doctor Headshot Tips for Success

by | Nov 26, 2020

Whether you’re a new general practitioner, an experienced specialist, or anything in between, a professional headshot is essential for all types of doctors. In this article, you’ll find out why health care providers need professional headshots and learn five simple tips for making your photos as effective as possible.

First Off, Do Doctors Really Need Professional Headshots?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning your career or if you’ve worked in health care for decades – a doctor’s headshot is critical for showing the outside world that you’re friendly, competent, and trustworthy. Here are two reasons why headshots are important for doctors:

Reason #1: Employers Will See Your Headshot When Hiring

If you’re a resident and looking for your first job as a physician, a good headshot is critical. When you submit a headshot with your job applications, you have a golden opportunity to make a good first impression on your potential employers. A professional headshot and a strong application can help you stand out as a top candidate, even before the interview.

In contrast, applying without a headshot might make your application look incomplete. In the modern era, most employers will look at your headshot when evaluating your application – so make sure to create a positive first impression!

Reason #2: Patients Will Review Your Headshot Before Booking Appointments

If your health care practice is like most, then your headshot is featured prominently online. Naturally, patients often want to read about and see a picture of their physicians before scheduling an appointment or seeking a referral.

If your online profile lacks a headshot, you lose a key opportunity to welcome, build trust, and establish a rapport with new patients. In addition, the absence of a headshot could cause potential patients to overlook you and book an appointment with another doctor instead.

When you work in health care, it’s also essential to update your headshots regularly – particularly when you change your appearance or move into a new role. After all, you’ll want clients to recognize you when you first meet.

Five Tips for Awesome Doctor Headshots:

If you’re a practicing physician, a selfie or amateur photo isn’t going to cut it. Use these tips to capture the most effective headshot for your health care career:

Tip #1: Get a Haircut or Professional Styling

If you’re overdue for a haircut or if you’ve been planning to change your hair color or make other big style updates, do so before your photo shoot. You want your new headshots to reflect your current appearance, not how you looked three styles ago. If you plan to head to the salon before your session, schedule your appointment a few days in advance. You might need a quick follow-up before your headshots.

Tip #2: Dress in Professional Attire

Before you meet with your photographer, carefully consider what to wear. It’s usually best to wear something a step above what you’d normally wear to the office. Consider having a few outfit changes on hand so you can add more variety to your photo shoot. We typically see physicians bring both scrubs plus a suit.

Tip #3: Keep Makeup Subtle

Subtle makeup can enhance your best features while minimizing discolorations and blemishes. If you don’t feel confident applying makeup yourself, consider contracting a makeup artist to help you look your best.

Tip #4: Consider Poses and Expressions

Even makeup can’t hide nervousness or awkwardness in front of the camera. Although we can help you feel at ease during your photo shoot, to try prepare in advance. Look over your colleagues’ or competitors’ headshots to get an idea of the poses and expressions you’d like to copy.

Tip #5: Go for a Simple Background

You might be tempted to display your accolades and awards, but most physician headshots look best with relatively clean backgrounds. Work with your photographer to find a neutral indoor or outdoor setting that puts you — rather than the background — in the spotlight.—–That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our five tips for awesome doctor headshots. If you’d like to book a session, visit our Individual Session or Team Sessions pages to learn about pricing and booking options.

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