Company HeadShots In the Age of Covid-19

by | May 30, 2020

With the spread of Covid-19, many organizations are as eager as ever to get their employees new company headshots.

Client meetings have largely moved online, with many employees working from home – and so employees’ business headshots are more important than ever. 

In short, selfies with kitchen/bedroom in the background do not inspire confidence in your employees’ professionalism. 

Check out the 8 Types of Hilariously Bad LinkedIn Headshots for a complete list of headshots your employees might have.

But, rightly so, many employers are also worried about their employees’ health. While many companies typically offer a “headshot day” for their employees, the idea of congregating 10s or even 100s of employees in one physical space is now nearly inconceivable for many. 

So, for companies that still need headshots for their employees, we are highly recommending that they enroll in HeadShots Corporate Pass programs.

What is the HeadShots Corporate Pass Program?

HeadShots Corporate Pass program is an on-demand service for providing convenient headshot sessions for your employees. Originally, we launched this service to accommodate clients who’s employees couldn’t meet for a traditional headshot service at the same time/day. (Usually due to conflicting schedules.) 

Now, this program appears to be the safest way to offer headshots to employees.

How Do Corporate Passes Work?

Once an organization signs up, employees receive a unique code which will unlock a pre-paid session at our San Francisco studio. To register for their session, they simply visit our Corporate Pass Scheduling Page to pick a date/time that works for them. 

By referencing your organization’s unique code, your HeadShot photographer will know which background/pose/wardrobe to use for your session. That way, all portraits adhere to your brand guidelines.

Are Employees Safe for Sessions?

While no system is 100% foolproof, there are some unique advantages to the Corporate Pass program:

  1. Employees don’t need to congregate in one office. All sessions are offered separately.
  2. Employees can schedule at their convenience, so no one will be pressured to attend if they’re feeling sick. 
  3. The HeadShots studio is a controlled environment, which is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

With these points in mind, this program is the safest way to get your employees’ new business headshots. 


To learn more about measures to keep our employees and customers safe, check out the HeadShots’ Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines. To book your session or request a quote, go to our Team Headshot Packages page.

Feel free to email and questions or requests to

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