6 Realtor Headshot Tips for Success

by | May 30, 2021

As a real estate agent, you’ll meet and interact with countless clients on property listing sites and professional social media sites. For these websites, you need to include a headshot in your profile rather than a selfie. When visitors see your photo, they’ll quickly form opinions about you.

Why a Good Real Estate Headshot Is Important

If you look overly casual or untidy in your headshot, you’ll give your potential clients the impression that you’re amateurish or disorganized. A professional-looking headshot, on the other hand, suggests that you’re trustworthy and have great attention to detail, which can go a long way in helping you gain your customers’ trust.

Additionally, a good recent headshot shows your prospective clients that you’re constantly staying up to date. Some real estate agents take headshots when they begin working and use the same photos for the rest of their careers. If your headshot is outdated, your clients may not be able to recognize you when you meet them, which can make them think twice about doing business with you. Constantly updating your headshot not only eliminates doubts about your identity, but it also helps keep your image and personal branding fresh and appealing.

How to Get a Great Realtor Headshot

Getting the perfect headshot can be a challenging task that you’re probably not looking forward to. However, it’s well worth your time and effort because it can improve your professional image and help you attract more clients. Use these tips to create an appealing real estate headshot:

Tip #1: Smile!

Smiling is one of the best ways to make a good impression on others. It’s a universal language that signifies a wide range of positive emotional states, including happiness, confidence, contentment, and success. It suggests that you’re warm and pleasant to work with, which makes you more attractive to your potential clients.

Make sure your smile is authentic. A fake smile makes you look somewhat awkward and sends negative impressions that can cause your customers to move on to friendlier-looking agents. You can achieve a genuine smile by watching a stand-up comedy routine or thinking of a funny story just before you take your headshot.

Tip #2: Strike the Right Pose

The way you pose in your real estate headshot can also have an impact on your professional image. Crossing your arms may make you look closed off while tilting your head too much can result in an unprofessional appearance. Instead, try to assume a natural and approachable stance that’s similar to the way you stand when you’re hanging out with your friends.

it’s completely natural to feel nervous about taking a headshot. Many people feel somewhat awkward when they have their headshots taken for the first time. You can make yourself feel more comfortable in front of the camera by asking a friend to take your picture. Alternatively, you may want to consider working with an experienced professional headshot photographer who knows how to put your mind at ease. Try to look at the whole experience as something fun, and you’ll get a headshot that shows the real you.

Tip #3: Keep Things Simple

When taking your headshot, try not to complicate things. Opt for a simple background, such as a white, black, or gray backdrop in a studio. If you prefer something less formal, consider going outdoors. You can have your picture taken in front of a brick wall or green trees, but make sure there aren’t people or distracting objects in the background. Also, avoid using props or holding your pet when you’re taking your headshot. You should be the focal point of the photo, so it’s important to keep things as simple as possible.

Tip #4: Look at Other Real Estate Team’s Headshots

In order to take a great headshot, plan every aspect of it. If you’re unsure how to create the right picture for your real estate profile, spend some time browsing the internet for professional headshots, or look at your colleagues’ photos. Take note of which facial expression, pose, outfit, and background best suits your personal brand.

Tip #5: Reinforce Your Brand Message

Your professional image is the representation of your real estate brand. As such, your headshot should clearly reflect your brand identity. If your brand is buttoned-up or corporate, you need to create a professional-looking headshot. On the other hand, if you’re fun-loving and use lively colors to represent your brand, you may want to keep your message consistent by wearing a more playful, yet professional, outfit. If you’re planning to have your headshot taken professionally, make sure the photographer has a clear idea of your vision.

Tip #6: Update Your Headshot Annually

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to keep your real estate headshot current to quickly build connections with clients. As a rule of thumb, you should update your headshot once every two or three years. You’re more likely to gain the trust of your customers if you look exactly like your headshot, so it’s worthwhile to get a new one on a regular basis.

Sometimes, you may have to replace your real estate headshot sooner rather than later. For instance, you should get a new headshot immediately if you’ve drastically changed your hairstyle, gained or lost a lot of weight, or started working for another company.


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