5 Acting Headshot Tips to Help You Get Auditions

by | Jul 4, 2021

If you’re in the market for new acting headshots, you might be looking at your local headshot photographers.

The right photographers can help you catch the attention of casting directors and agents, and the wrong headshot will absolutely derail your chances of landing auditions.

As headshots are so important when you’re starting out, here are our five top tips for getting the best set possible.

Tip #1: Practice. Practice. Practice.

The right headshot photographer can do wonders to coach you during your session.

But, you should also review acting headshot examples and practice your expressions while posing in the mirror. While that might feel a bit silly, a little practice can go a long way toward helping you nail certain expressions. Luckily, most people have fairly good intuition about what expressions they can/can’t pull off.

That practice will save you time in-studio and help you get additional shots. Reviewing famous actor and actress headshots will help you decide how your headshots should look.

Tip #2: Stick with studio backdrops

Studio backdrops minimize distractions and allow the viewer to focus on your facial expressions.

While some actors sport outdoor headshots, we’ve usually seen that choice reserved for those who are already famous/successful in the profession. As they have already been filmed in major productions, casting directors will care less about their headshot and more about their resume.

Tip #3: Keep clothing simple, but cool/high-end

Solid colors are major winners. Jackets tend to look good in acting headshots.

Try not to bring anything that’s torn, old, or otherwise faded, as those outfits will create distractions in your photo.

It’s worth investing in some new, fashionable clothes for your session, as the outfit you wear in your headshot can make you look more charismatic. 

Tip #4: Try a lot of poses

During your session, be open to trying expressions/poses that you weren’t planning on. While we 100% recommend that you come with a specific role/vibe in mind to nail, the session will flow more smoothly if the photographer actively rotates expressions and poses so that there’s less pressure on you to nail a certain expression at any given time.

A smart photographer will mix in different poses and expressions to keep the session lively and fun. When the client is dead-set on trying only one type of expression, it limits our ability to keep the session moving.

Tip #5: Pick the right acting headshot photography partner

This goes without saying, but picking the right photographer goes a long way. Avoid “portrait photographers” who also offer graduation photos, boudoir, maternity, real estate, and a million other services in their mix.

If they’re offering everything, they’re probably not particularly good or specialized at any of those niches, and your final headshots may suffer.


That’s a wrap! Follow these five tips, and you’re much more likely to get an acting headshot that’s perfect for your fledgling career. 

For more information about HeadShots Inc pricing and packages, head over to our Acting Headshots page. We offer tons of advice on what to wear, how to pose, and how to book your session.

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