16 Video Ideas to Supercharge Your Business

by | Jun 10, 2020

Every business owner and marketer knows that video is critical for capturing their market’s attention. With the pure volume of content and noise in the marketplace, a short and impactful video goes a long way towards capturing your target audience’s attention. 

In fact, in advertising, studies show that web pages with video can improve the purchase/sign up rate by as much as 80%. While video is known to be more effective in marketing, it can also help you convey information and news to internal audiences like employees, contractors, and investors.

Many marketers wonder exactly what type of videos they should be using. While the answers can vary based on your business goals, we thought a list of popular video projects would help you understand the possibilities. 

So, without any further ado, here are 16 ways you can use video to supercharge your business.

Video Ideas to Boost Your Business

1: Home Page Intro 

Every company needs an intro video on their website. A professional quality home page experience creates instant credibility with prospects, investors, and customers who visit your site.

2: Service Page Explainer 

Do you have a service or product that requires a bit of explanation? A video can be a short, but powerful, way to explain complex or visual ideas.

3: Social-Media Content 

Is your social-media content either boring or generic? Quick video updates on either current events, the latest product launch, industry news, or 

4: Website Traffic Retargeting Ad

As any savvy marketer knows, most people who click on your ad, visit a landing page, or search for your company won’t immediately purchase your product or schedule a demo. They need to be convinced over time. 

Short informational videos that keep your product top-of-mind can be enormously effective at re-engaging this audience.

5: Social Review Site (Yelp, Trustpilot, Nextdoor)

This is particularly important for local service providers (landscapers, plumbers, home improvement, interior decorators, locksmiths, pool cleaning etc). A great intro video can turn a stagnant Yelp page into a major money-maker.

6: Adwords Landing Page 

Brands spend huge amounts of money on clicks to their landing pages. Each click can range from $1.16 to $6.75 per click…even getting as high as $55 per click for some specific keywords. In those scenarios, every.click.counts.

A video which conveys the value of your offering and humanizes your brand can be a major boost to conversion rates on landing pages.

7: Webinar or Event Registration 

Are you announcing a webinar/event and need to get potential customers excited to both 1) sign up and 2) attend? A great video can help you do both.

8: “About Us” Company Video

Businesses are made up of people. People “buy from other people.” Even if your website has a bunch of stock photos of people who don’t work in the business, a great “About Us” video can help build credibility for your company.

9: Customer Training 

For some products, software in particular, your customer’s success (and whether they renew) can depend on their ability to effectively use your product. We’d all like to think that customers always try their best to learn everything about our products. 

But, customers are oftentimes inundated with other tasks and responsibilities. So, learning your product gets delayed, and as a result, aren’t as successful as they could be.

The more your customers understand how to use your product, the more they’ll be successful, the more they’ll renew their subscriptions and buy higher tiers of service.

10: Channel Partner / Reseller Training 

As these channel partners don’t actually work for you, you’ll need to train them one how to sell your product in a fun/engaging way. Otherwise, they might just either  A) ignore your product or B) sell it incorrectly.

11: Employee Training 

Similar to training channel partners and resellers, employees need to be trained using a medium that’s most effective. In today’s Work-from-Home environment, video is the best option.

12: CEO Message to Employees

Do you need to energize your employees with an important message from the CEO? No one wants to read a long email, so use a short video instead.

13: Regular Messages to Investors 

Regular and honest communications with investors can help build trust. If/when market conditions change for the worse, your inventors will know that you made an earnest effort to communicate with them. If things are going great, they’ll also be well-informed on your successes.

14: New Product/Service Launch 

Are you launching a new product or service into the marketplace? Besides a press release and blog post, a video launched on social media can make a major splash and capture some early interest from potential customers.

15: Boost Your SEO

One of the most important factors for your website search rankings are factors like 1) how long do users stay on the page and 2) do users engage with the content on the page. By tracking these stats, search engines like Google and Bing are trying to see if the content of the page solves the user’s problem. They will then use that information to improve the rankings of pages that do the best.

For really important keywords, a video on your page can help boost your rankings and increase traffic.

16: Capture Customer Testimonials

Need to capture some quick customer testimonials, but don’t want to make your customer deliver their testimonial to a cell phone. Book a quick studio session so that customers can feel comfortable in a professional environment.


That’s a wrap! We hope you can take these ideas and immediately jump into supercharging your business with awesome video content. 

If you have any questions, or want to use HeadShots Inc video services to create one of these videos, please reach out to us at smile@headshots-inc.com or visit headshots-inc.com

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