The HeadShots Process

Over the past six years, we’ve built a bullet-proof process for coaching, capturing, and editing amazing professional headshots for San Francisco’s top entrepreneurs, executives, and actors. Learn more about our process below.

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We Believe That Getting Your Headshot Shouldn’t Suck 

Here’s how our process is different than other photographers:

Example Professional Headshot Booth

Nail The Fundamentals

You’re not a professional model. We don’t have an eight photo shoot to try every possible lighting arrangement and pose. So, we focus on excellent execution of the fundamentals to get magazine-quality headshots for clients.

focus on client goals

Focus on Client Goals

While we’re artists, we not here to express our art. During your session, we’re 100% focused on your goals for your headshot. We firmly believe that the best headshot, is the one that the client loves and is proud to share online.

fun headshot experience

Make it Fun

We’ll laugh, we’ll dance, we’ll get you some awesome new headshots. Whether its your first time or 100th, you’ll have friendly coaching to help you get the perfect image. 

headshot photo editing

Our Other Secret Sauce? Editing

Ever seen an over-edited photo that barely looks like the person photographed? We believe that the best editing isn’t noticed by the viewer.

But, for every photo that we airbrush, we automatically:

Whiten Teeth

Remove Stray Hairs

Minimize Bags Under Eyes

Remove Acne

If requested, we can also:

Minimize/Remove Facial Wrinkles

Brighten Eyes

Minimize Wrinkles on Clothing

We also understand that different clients have different preferences. So, for every set of edited HeadShots, we ask our to tell us how much they’d like their photo edited on a scale from one to five. (1= Completely Natural, 5= MAX Airbrushing) Learn more here.