HeadShots Inc Editing Walk Through:

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Image Rates Include:

Teeth whitening to remove yellow teeth, or fill in gaps in teeth.

Stray hair removal and hair fill-in to add fullness to hair and remove distracting stray hairs.

– Acne, razor burn, and blemish removal to realistically remove any temporary blemishes.

– Soften or remove under-eye bags that can make the client look distractingly tired or sick.

– Smoothing of wrinkles on clothing to make your outfit appear more neat and orderly.

– Removal of glare on windows and eye glasses (requires taking a plate in studio) by replacing sections of your photo.

– Sculpt jawline to minimize the effect of a double chin by adding shadows under the jaw.

Deliverable: Each photo selected will receive all of the above edits, along with a black-and-white version. Those versions will come Cropped and Uncropped, and in two different resolutions: Maximum (good for print) and Web (good for posting online).

Turnaround: Standard turnaround time is 5 business day. (Monday through Friday). So, if you request a photo on a Thursday, you will receive the retouched version the following Thursday. You can upgrade to Expedited Retouching (1 Business Day) for an extra $75/photo.

Example Before-And-After:

Teeth Whitening

teeth before
teeth after

Eyeglass Glare Removal

glare before image
glare after

Note: In order to use this, you must take a photo at the same angle, but without your glasses on.

Stray Hair Removal

stray hair before
stray hair after

Hair Gap Fill In

hair gap fill in before
hair gap fill in after

Wrinkles On Clothing

wrinkle before
wrinkles after

Sculpt Jawline

sculpt jawline before
sculpt jawline after
double chin remove example

Facial Acne or Wrinkles

facial before
facial after

Under Eye Bags

bags under eyes before
eye bags after

Example Background Extension:

gallery editing example 1 before


gallery editing example 1 after


gallery editing example 2 before


gallery editing example 2 after


gallery editing example 3 before


gallery editing example 3 after