San Francisco Outdoor Headshot Locations

Browse the best spots around San Francisco for outdoor professional headshots. If you have a specific location in mind that’s not on this list, pleas contact us via the San Francisco Headshot Studio page.

san francisco outdoor headshots at our studio

Location #1: San Francisco Studio

Why We Love It: Located right in the heart of beautiful downtown San Francisco, get a range of backgrounds/poses surrounded by modern office buildings. By booking a Standard Outdoor Session ($295), which is done at this location, you’ll save +$100 on our other outdoor sessions.

How To Get Here: There’s easy public parking at St Mary’s Square Garage two blocks away.

Other Notes: Great backdrops available in both morning & afternoon sessions.

Total Cost: $295 Standard Outdoor Session.

outdoor casual headshot example

Location #2: St Mary’s Square

Why We Love It: Surrounded by beautiful modern office buildings, St Mary’s Square offers several unique backdrops perfect for a modern professional photoshoot. This location is the most popular spot in San Francisco.

How To Get Here: There’s easy public parking at St Mary’s Square Garage directly below the park.

Other Notes: The best lighting and backdrops are available in the early morning.

Total Cost: $450 On-Demand Session.

downtown san francisco headshot example

Location #3: FiDi Corridor

Why We Love It: Flattering lighting shines down on the client while the alleyway behind stays darker. As a result, the client “pops” off the background. Central location in the Financial District makes this location perfect for working professionals downtown.

How To Get Here: We recommend parking at St Mary’s Square Garage that’s three blocks away.

Other Notes: Better backdrops in the afternoon, but available for both afternoon and morning sessions.

Total Cost: $450 On-Demand Session.

san francisco outdoor professional headshots maiden lane

Location #4: Maiden Lane

Why We Love It: Sunny urban backdrop with greenery and designer lights in the background. Perfect for a slightly European & stylish backdrop. Availability in both the morning and afternoon. 

How To Get Here: We usually recommend an Uber/Lyft ride. You can also park at SFMTA Union Square Garage, which is one block away.

Other Notes: This location isn’t available during the winter, as the sun only shines down the alleyway for 3/4ths of the year.

Total Cost: $450 On-Demand Session.

san francisco city hall headshot

Location #5: San Francisco City Hall

Why We Love It: Awesome backdrops of city hall, long rows of trees, and attractive stone office buildings (shown in the example photo here). Great backdrops if you work in government, non-profits, or law.

How To Get Here: You can either Uber/Lyft, or there is a parking garage directly underneath the plaza in front of city hall.  

Other Notes: Not available in late November or December, as San Francisco installs an ice skating rink.

Total Cost: $450 On-Demand Session.

san francisco presidio headshot

Location #6: Lover’s Lane Presidio

Why We Love It: Beautiful natural backdrops with trees and trails in the background. This is a great location if you’re an author, environmental scientist, or anyone who wants to associate their brand with nature.

How To Get Here: You’ll want to park at Ligget Circle which is just a couple hundred feet away. 

Other Notes: Available in both the morning and late afternoon. There’s a bit of hiking, so bring comfortable shoes!

Total Cost: $450 On-Demand Session + $25 Travel Fee.

custom office on-site example

Location #7: Custom!

Why We Love It: Do you have a specific outdoor or office location in mind? Request a custom location for your shoot and we’ll tell you our availability.

Other Notes: Depending on the location, we may have to shoot at specific times of day or otherwise modify our standard procedures.

Total Cost: $450 On-Demand Session + $0-$250 added to session price depending on the location’s proximity to our studio in downtown San Francisco. Most Financial District office buildings and parks do not require an additional fee beyond the session price.

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